Double Helix Stairs

A York Spiral Staircase: Value Comes in Many Forms

A Complete Architectural Statement
Not only do we build double helix stairs, we provide the architectural components you will need for your spiral stairwell, balcony or other upper floor areas as well. Our York spiral staircases come complete, with stringers, treads and risers already assembled. We can provide the wood railing, balusters, newel posts, nosings and fascia you need to make a most dramatic architectural statement.

Your Spiral Stair
Your York spiral stair will be a significant addition to your home. It will fit perfectly, without compromise, both dimensionally and aesthetically. Your double helix stair is designed and built exclusively for your home. It’s uniquely yours.

Design Support
Customer support is also part of the York value. If you have any question, from design to installation, please call. Anything that concerns you concerns us. Our goal… a lifetime of satisfaction with your York wooden spiral stairs.

With the best design, the finest materials and skilled craftsmen, we have every reason to stand behind our products. We do so with pride and do so with one of the best warranties in the business, a 5-year warranty.

You can buy a less expensive spiral stair, but it will likely be a center-posted, metal stair, that arrives disassembled in kit form. And, if ordered with “wood accessories,” the price can quickly double or triple. Our most popular double helix, red oak stair, The York 6, is about $6,000—a fraction of the cost to custom build stairs of this quality and beauty.


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