Double Helix Stairs

Beautiful Wooden Spiral Staircases: Craft is Our Business

Quality Wood Spiral Stairs: The Art of Woodcraft
We believe there is nothing to rival the beauty and warmth of wood. Our skilled craftsmen bring the tradition of Maine’s boatbuilding and woodworking heritage to every staircase we build. Their years of experience bring out the best qualities of wood, from its strength to its color and grain. Working with the hardwoods of your choice, we carefully consider each piece’s overall appearance before construction begins.

A Wooden Staircase Built for a Lifetime
A set of wooden spiral stairs must be robust; structural integrity is essential. We laminate our wood stringers and handrails for strength. Stringers are mortised to receive treads. Treads are then glued and bolted with concealed hardware. Each spiral staircase is assembled and meticulously inspected.

Finished and Delivered with Care from Our Craftsmen
We see to it that all stair surfaces are perfectly smooth, ready for job site finish. Pre-finished stairs are finished with a combination of sealer and multiple coats of a catalyzed lacquer, one that extends the life of the finish. Once satisfied with our work, we prepare the stair for shipping by removing the balusters and handrails. We protect stair components with a combination of foam, corrugation, plastic and, if shipped common carrier, fiberglass. This insures that the stair arrives in the flawless condition our spiral staircase builders intended.