Double Helix Stairs

Double Helix: The Better Spiral Stair

A Wood Spiral Staircase with a Unique Design

A York Spiral Stair is distinguished by its beautiful double helix stair design—two handrails, solid wood stringers and treads, and most important, no center post to intrude upon its elegant curves.

  • Graceful. An elegant design, the double helix staircase offers features customized as you wish, including a variety of wood species to complement your home.
  • Practical. With more useable tread space, double helix wood stairs are a pleasure to use, and it’s easy to carry large objects up and down.
  • Safe. With two handrails and more useable tread space, using a double helix stair feels more secure, just like the regular stairs on which its design is based.
  • The Beauty of the Wood. Strong, warm, with texture inviting our touch. Color and grain—subtle or dramatic. A sustainable, renewable resource requiring less energy to produce than any other building product.