Planning Your Space

Step 2: Rotation

Determine Rotation

The rotation of a York spiral staircase is determined by the combination of height and diameter. Since the height of your stair is probably not subject to change, the diameter of the stair will determine its rotation.

York offers spiral stairs in five diameters. View examples of the rotational difference among these diameters.

Using the rotation calculator (lower right), enter your stair height for a couple of diameters, for example, the 6' and 6'8". Note the rotation (degree of turn) of each diameter stair.

Print the Rotation Chart and cut out both the left and right direction-of-turn diagrams for the diameters of interest. These will be used in the next step.


Choose Direction of Turn

The direction you take when descending the stair is called the direction of turn. You can specify that your stair turns clockwise from the top (right down) or counterclockwise from the top (left down).

You may wish to change the direction you initially select after placing the stair in position on your plan.